The Best eSIMs for Myanmar 🇲🇲

Are you traveling to Myanmar? Then you should definitely not travel without an Internet connection. Whether it’s a personal trip or a business trip to Myanmar, you should not travel without mobile internet.

There are several options to connect to the Internet in Myanmar, however, an eSIM is our clear recommendation. In this article we compare different Myanmar eSIMs.


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We will advise you on your choice of the best eSIM Myanmar, so that you can always travel connected while on vacation. We pay attention to price, duration, data volume, service, technical support & more.

What is an eSIM?

The eSIM is a new form of the traditional SIM card that we use every day. What makes it special is that the SIM chip is already built into the new smartphones. It is also called an “embedded” SIM, which is where the “e” of eSIM comes from. By integrating the chip inside the phone, it is possible to virtually activate the desired data tariffs.

There are two different ways to do this, either you manage the data rates with the help of an app that serves as a SIM card manager. Or you scan a QR code and the data device activates itself.

Advantages of an eSIM for Myanmar

The eSIM offers various advantages over the normal SIM card that you may not have thought of before. These include, for example:

  • Greener: Protect the environment by buying an eSIM. Eliminate plastic cards, paper for packaging and CO2 emissions during shipping.
  • Save time: Because the delivery is done by email, you save time waiting for the delivery or standing in line at the store. After two clicks you have your eSIM.
  • Availability: By getting your eSIM from the online store, you are free to buy your eSIM from anywhere in the world at any time, even if you are already in Myanmar.

How do I activate the eSIM with data plan for Myanmar?

We were really surprised how easy it was to use. People are sometimes a bit cautious with new technologies, but with the eSIM, you definitely don’t need to be. It’s actually as easy as everyone always says it is.

If you get the data plan in the form of a QR code, then at the appropriate time you go to your settings app on your phone. There, a camera will open up under the “Add Data Plan” section. After scanning, you label the new eSIM for Myanmar and select this “profile” as active.

The steps follow one after the other and you are automatically and self-explanatory redirected. Anyone can do this, even those who are not particularly technically experienced. In addition, with most eSIM providers, step-by-step instructions are also added to your email.

What do I have to consider when buying a Myanmar eSIM?

To avoid problems later on when using your eSIM Myanmar, it is important that you check the compatibility of your device and the product variant before buying.


Because the eSIM is a very new product, it does not work with all phone models. Only the newer smartphones have the new dual eSIM technologies. So that you don’t end up without data in Myanmar, you should check compatibility before you buy. We simply checked the list of compatible smartphones on the eSIM provider’s websites. You will actually find all the information you need there.

Which eSIM package should you choose?

You should get an overview of how much data you use on average in advance to be able to estimate which data plan is right for you. We know friends who need significantly more data volume on vacation than at home. This can happen quickly when you want to share your new experiences on Instagram from the road or Google many sights during the city tour to learn more about the history.

However, especially on vacation, you sometimes want to sit in front of screens less, which is why you consciously put your phone away. For this reason, you must first empathize with yourself and think about what you want to use the map for. If you have difficulties, you can also ask experts for advice or look for suitable articles that explain exactly how you can estimate your data consumption.

The Best eSIMs for Myanmar

Below you see a curated list of providers that offer eSIMs for Myanmar at an affordable price with a reliable internet service in Myanmar.

What do I do when the data on my Myanmar eSIM is used up?

It’s good to have a data plan that’s perfect for your trip. But don’t worry if you run out of data even before your trip ends. As mentioned before, one of the advantages of Myanmar eSIM is that you can order it regardless of your location.

This means that you can order another data plan at short notice if you realize that the planned one will not be sufficient. After all, it can always happen that you have to apply for things due to unexpected events or have to discuss a lot with your family at home.

My phone is not compatible with the Myanmar eSIM - is there an alternative?

Too bad… If you found out that your current phone is not compatible with the eSIM, don’t worry yet. There are other internet alternatives for Myanmar.

SIM Card

Various providers send the traditional Myanmar prepaid SIM cards to your home before you leave. There are almost unlimited options available with different durations.

For the sake of completeness, we also mention the other alternatives for Internet in Myanmar. For us, these options are less of an option, but they may be just right for your needs.

Pocket WiFi

The Pocket WiFis are portable WiFi routers, which are especially well-known in Asia. You can connect several devices at the same time, just like with a normal router. However, you always have another bulky device in your luggage, which has to be recharged after 13 hours of runtime.

Public WiFi

It is definitely the cheapest option, but it must be clearly mentioned here that you are not allowed to enter any personal information, transactions or passwords while you are connected to a public WiFi.

The networks are rather insecure and many hackers use this to their advantage. We do check Instagram from time to time if we happen to come across a public wifi during our trip. However, we only use this as a supplement to the Myanmar eSIM.


Almost everyone knows someone, or was perhaps ready to be someone, who came home unsuspecting and found an incredibly high phone bill at home after a relaxing vacation. Since you can quickly and unintentionally get rid of half a fortune here, we clearly advise against roaming as an Internet option.

Holiday in Myanmar

The numerous sights that the South Asian state of Myanmar offers are probably best experienced on an organized round trip. Regardless of this, before a trip to Myanmar, the current travel advice should be followed unconditionally.


Temples, pagodas and other sanctuaries

In Yangon, which was the capital of Myanmar until 2005, you can admire the Swedagon Pagoda, considered the most valuable pagoda in the world. It consists of a whole ensemble of individual temples and miniature pagodas, in the center of which rises the largest, fully gilded pagoda, 116 meters high.

The Schwegule Pagoda in Pegu, built in the 15th century, and the Schwezigon Pagoda in Bagan, decorated with gold leaf and guarded by two huge stone lions, appear similarly attractive.

Even more overwhelming appears the temple field, also in Bagan, covering an area of about 40 square kilometers, where hundreds of ancient brick temples can still be discovered, which once belonged to the approximately 5,000 sacred buildings standing here. Not far from here, you can also find the architectural masterpiece of the Ananda Temple.

The city of Mandalay is considered the center of Buddhism and the cultural center of the country. It is known for its Kuthodawpagoda, which is surrounded by 729 shrines with inscriptions. In addition, daily bazaars and music and dance performances in the city squares are part of the city’s appearance.

Relaxing on the palm beach

However, a trip to Myanmar, which incidentally is about twice the size of Germany, also offers the opportunity to relax on a beautiful beach on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The Ngapali Beach, located about 200 kilometers southwest of Myanmar’s new capital Naypyidaw, offers the opportunity to do so.

Outside the rainy season, which is expected between June and September, you can relax there on white sand, swim and snorkel in the clear water, or take a boat to one of the many uninhabited islands for a picnic.

Further south, the palm-fringed Ngwe Saung Beach offers a particularly beautiful spot for snorkelers and divers.

On the Mergui Archipelago, located off the southern tip of the country, many islands, still deserted today, are preparing for their tourist revival. Other beaches on the mainland coast are also currently being redeveloped.

Avoid unpleasant events as far as possible

Boat trips and exploration of smaller towns are other ways to enrich the experience during the vacation in Myanmar.

However, the execution of such activities depends very much on the chosen course of a trip or the respective place of stay. It is always important to keep in mind that, especially in the interior of the country, numerous ethnic groups and tribes still lead a kind of quite uncontrolled life of their own.


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Super value ! And so easy to install.

Rated 5 out of 5
December 21, 2022

Super value ! And so easy to install. Better than normal sim card. Very convenient for me to buy it before I traveled to Germany. Like it alot !! [Maya Mobile]


Used the e sim in italy

Rated 5 out of 5
October 15, 2022

Used the service in Italy for my wife and I. iPhone and Android. Excellent pricing and no issues with cellular data in italy. It is not entirely easy to install, but it is fairly simple. [Airalo]


need to purchase a new esim to get more data

Rated 4 out of 5
October 15, 2022

My only complaint is that, is that there is no top up options and you need to purchase a new esim to get more data [SimOptions]


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