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Written by: Emily Chen

Cheapest eSIM Plan Mexico

The world of telecommunications is evolving rapidly, and one of the most significant advancements in recent years is the introduction of eSIM technology. eSIMs, or embedded SIMs, are a type of SIM card that is built directly into a device, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card.

This technology offers a host of benefits, including the ability to switch between carriers without having to physically swap out SIM cards, making it a great option for frequent travelers or those who wish to change their mobile network operator (MNO) frequently.

In Mexico, several MNOs have embraced this technology, offering a range of eSIM plans to cater to different needs and budgets. In this guide, we delve into the details of the cheapest eSIM plans available in Mexico, providing a comprehensive overview of the local MNOs that support eSIMs and their product offerings.

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Local eSIM Plans for Mexico


Telcel, a part of the Amรฉrica Mรณvil group, is one of the largest MNOs in Mexico. While their website does not explicitly mention eSIM support, they have a wide range of plans that cater to different user needs.

Their “Amigo Sin Lรญmite” prepaid plans, for instance, offer a combination of data, voice minutes, and SMS, with prices starting from as low as MXN $50 for a 15-day validity period.

For those who require more data, their “Internet Amigo” plans offer up to 3000MB for MXN $200, valid for 30 days.


Movistar, another major MNO in Mexico, offers a variety of plans that are compatible with eSIM technology. Their “ilimiDatos” plan offers unlimited data, social media, music, video, minutes, and SMS in Mexico for MXN $499 per month.

For those who require less data, their “GigaMove” plans offer between 6GB to 20GB of data, with prices ranging from MXN $235 to MXN $439 per month.

These plans also include unlimited minutes and SMS, making them a great option for those who require a balance of data and voice services.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile, a popular choice among budget-conscious consumers, offers a range of prepaid plans that are compatible with eSIMs. Their “Paquetote” plan offers unlimited data, social media, calls, and SMS for MXN $299 per month, with a 50% discount for the first month.

For those who require less data, their “Chico” plan offers 2GB of data and unlimited social media for MXN $150 per month, also with a 50% discount for the first month.

International eSIM Providers for Mexico

Understanding eSIMs

eSIM Compatibility

One of the key questions that often arise when discussing eSIMs is about device compatibility. Not all devices support eSIM technology.

As of now, eSIMs are primarily supported by the latest models of smartphones, including the iPhone XS and later, Google Pixel 3 and later, and Samsung Galaxy S20 and later.

Some smartwatches, like the Apple Watch Series 3 and later, also support eSIMs. Before considering an eSIM plan, it’s crucial to ensure that your device is eSIM-compatible.

eSIM Activation Process

Another common question is about the activation process for eSIMs.

The process is relatively straightforward. Once you’ve chosen an eSIM plan from an MNO, you’ll typically receive a QR code. You can then scan this code using your device to download the eSIM profile.

The exact steps may vary depending on the device and the MNO, but the MNO will typically provide detailed instructions to guide you through the process.

Switching Between eSIMs

With eSIM technology, you can have multiple eSIMs installed on your device. This leads to the question: how do you switch between different eSIMs? On most devices, you can do this through the settings menu.

For instance, on an iPhone, you can go to Settings > Cellular, then choose the plan you want to use. Then, you can select “Turn On This Line” to activate the eSIM.

This feature is particularly useful for frequent travelers who might have eSIMs for different countries.

eSIMs and Physical SIMs

Can you use an eSIM and a physical SIM at the same time? The answer is yes, provided your device supports dual SIM functionality.

This means you could have a local eSIM for data and a physical SIM for voice calls, or vice versa. Or, you could have an eSIM for your personal number and a physical SIM for your work number.

The possibilities are numerous, adding to the flexibility and convenience of eSIM technology.

eSIM Support and Customer Service

Finally, a common concern is about support and customer service for eSIMs. Since eSIM is a relatively new technology, not all MNOs may offer comprehensive support for eSIM-related issues.

However, the MNOs mentioned in this guideโ€”Telcel, Movistar, and Virgin Mobileโ€”all have robust customer service channels and should be able to assist with any eSIM-related queries or issues.

In Mexico, several MNOs offer eSIM-compatible plans, catering to a range of needs and budgets. Whether you’re a heavy data user, a frequent traveler, or simply looking for a budget-friendly option, there’s an eSIM plan out there for you.

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