How To Use eSIM When Traveling

When it comes to staying connected while traveling, one of the biggest considerations is finding a reliable cellular provider and managing physical SIM cards.

Not only can this be a hassle, but it can also be expensive, especially if you’re traveling internationally and need to worry about roaming fees. Fortunately, eSIM technology offers a convenient and secure alternative for staying connected while traveling.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using an eSIM while on the go, including the benefits and how to set it up on your device.


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What is an eSIM?

An eSIM, or electronic SIM, is a digital version of a physical SIM card that is built into your device. This means that you don’t have to physically insert a SIM card into your device in order to activate service.

Instead of swapping out physical SIM cards to switch carriers or activate service in a new location, you can use an eSIM to easily switch between different cellular plans and providers. This can be especially useful if you’re traveling to multiple countries or regions and need to switch between carriers.


Benefits of Using an eSIM While Traveling

One of the biggest benefits of using an eSIM while traveling is the convenience of not having to carry around multiple physical SIM cards. If you’re traveling to multiple destinations, you can easily switch between carriers and activate service without having to physically swap SIM cards. In addition to the convenience factor, using an eSIM can also save you money on roaming fees.

Many carriers offer eSIM plans with discounted or even free roaming, allowing you to stay connected without incurring expensive fees. eSIMs can also offer improved security compared to physical SIM cards. Since eSIMs are stored digitally, they are less prone to loss or theft.

How to Set Up and Use an eSIM While Traveling

Before you can start using an eSIM while traveling, you’ll need to make sure that your device is compatible with eSIM technology. Not all devices support eSIMs, so it’s important to check if your device is compatible before you travel.

Once you’ve confirmed that your device is eSIM-compatible, the next step is to activate your eSIM. This usually involves downloading a carrier’s eSIM app and following the on-screen instructions to set up your account and activate your eSIM.

Once your eSIM is activated, you’ll be able to manage your eSIM accounts on your device. Most eSIM-compatible devices allow you to manage multiple eSIM accounts, so you can easily switch between carriers or activate service in a new location.

Final Thought

Using an eSIM while traveling can offer a number of benefits, including the convenience of not having to carry around physical SIM cards and the ability to easily switch between carriers.

By setting up and using an eSIM on your device, you can enjoy a seamless travel experience without worrying about staying connected. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, an eSIM can help you stay connected and stay on top of your communication needs while on the go.

How To Order an eSIM

esim purchase

Compare eSIMs

Compare and find the most suitable travel eSIM for your needs and purchase it directly with the provider.

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Receive eSIM via email/app

You will receive the eSIM profile within a few minutes in a separate e-mail or you can directly access it in the provider’s app.

esim setting

Install eSIM

Scan the eSIM QR code in the mail with the camera function of your smartphone and follow the instructions on the screen. The profile will be set up automatically.

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Free roaming abroad

You can now use the eSIM abroad! 

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Why Choose an eSIM?

esim environment friendly


The eSIM works digitally only, so fewer resources are used than with the classic SIM card.

esim digital


The new eSIM can easily be digitally uploaded to your smartphone. It’s quick and saves the environment.

esim fast delivery email

Fast Installation

Your eSIM profile is sent easily and conveniently by email. This means you will receive your digital eSIM much faster than a physical SIM Card by post.


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