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Written by: Emily Chen

WLAN Connection Problem

The Internet source is actually within range, but your otherwise reliable cell phone just can’t find the WLAN? Don’t worry, this can happen from time to time. Often, the problem can be solved with a little trick.

We’ll show you what to do in such a case.


"My phone won't connect to the WLAN!": Let's start with the cause

First, rule out the possibility that your cell phone is the source of the error. In rare cases, the WLAN module in the smartphone can be defective, but one of the following causes is much more likely.

  1. Start with the obvious sources of error and make sure that the WLAN function is actually activated. If you don’t see the WLAN icon on the smartphone’s display, open the settings and tap the corresponding icon. If the icon was already visible before, switch the Wi-Fi module off briefly and then on again. With a bit of luck, the problem will be solved.
  2. At the same time, check whether your phone is in airplane mode. You can also find this option in the settings. This travel mode automatically disconnects all wireless connections so that they do not interfere with the aircraft signals. Besides WLAN and Bluetooth, the flight mode also cuts the connection to the mobile network and all NFC connections.
  3. The WLAN module is activated, the flight mode is turned off, and still nothing happens? Then reboot your smartphone (restart). Alternatively, you can turn it off completely and then turn it on again.

Phone does not find WLAN - despite existing connection

Your phone still can’t find the WLAN? Then first rule out other sources of error before you reset the network settings or the phone to factory settings. In most cases, a complete reset, which requires some effort, can be avoided.


  1. First, check whether the problem only affects your phone or whether other devices cannot connect to the WLAN. If the latter is the case, the router could be the source of the problem.
  2. Your cell phone finds other WLAN networks in the vicinity, for example the neighbor’s, but your own WLAN is simply not found? This also points to the router as the cause.
  3. If there is no green light on the device, you can assume that the router is not ready for use. The same applies if the display (if your router has one) shows an error message. In this case, there might be a software problem. Unplug the device, wait a few minutes and then plug it back in. Now try to connect to your smartphone again.
  4. Your network is displayed, but you can’t log in despite entering the correct password? Then you may have a MAC filter set up that only allows registered guests into the network. You can set and remove such filters in the router settings.

Signal strength, range, frequency

If it still does not work, this can again have several causes. On the one hand, there may be a hardware problem with the router. In this case, your telecommunications provider can help you.

It is also possible that the distance to the router is too great. Maybe the walls are too thick or the shielding is too strong, so that the WLAN signal does not reach your location with sufficient strength. To eliminate this source of error, you can change the position of the router. The following tips can effectively increase the range:


  1. Place your WLAN router as high up as possible, for example on a shelf or cabinet. You should also make sure that the device is free-standing and not covered by another object. The latter can severely interfere with the signal strength.
  2. If you live in a larger house with many rooms, it is advisable to place the WLAN router in a central location.
  3. If the signal from your router still does not reach your end device, you can simply extend the range by using a WLAN repeater.


Is your router modern, but your smartphone is older? Then check whether your router works with the newer 5 GHz frequency band, but your phone can only communicate with 2.4 GHz frequencies.

Reset network settings

Your phone still does not connect to the WLAN? Then you can still try to reset the network settings. In iOS, open the settings and navigate to the “General” menu item. There you select “Reset”. In the following menu, tap on “Network settings”.

If that does not help either, you can reset the smartphone to factory settings, but you should perform a data backup first. Alternatively, you can also call the customer service of the retailer from whom you purchased the phone.

Travel tip: Are you traveling abroad and there is no Wi-Fi network to be found far and wide? In such a case, you are naturally inclined to activate your mobile data. However, this can quickly become a cost trap – check out the available Travel eSIMs.

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