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Prepaid SIM Cards Thailand

Staying connected while traveling in Thailand is essential for navigating new cities, sharing your experiences, and keeping in touch with loved ones.

One of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to do this is by using a prepaid SIM card designed specifically for Thailand.

In this article, we’ll discuss some popular Thai prepaid SIM card options for travelers.

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태국 최고의 SIM 카드

AIS (Advanced Info Service)

AIS is the largest mobile network operator in Thailand and offers a variety of prepaid SIM card options for travelers. Their tourist SIM card includes:

  • Unlimited data for 8 days, with the first 3GB at high-speed 4G.
  • 100 Baht (approx. $3) of credit for calls and texts.
  • Coverage throughout Thailand, including popular tourist destinations.

dtac (Total Access Communication)

dtac is another popular mobile network operator in Thailand, providing prepaid SIM cards for travelers. Their “Happy Tourist SIM” card features:

  • Unlimited data for 15 days, with the first 6GB at high-speed 4G.
  • 100 Baht (approx. $3) of credit for calls and texts.
  • Coverage across Thailand, including major cities and tourist areas.

TrueMove H

TrueMove H is a leading mobile network operator in Thailand that offers prepaid SIM cards for visitors. Their “Traveler SIM” card includes:

  • Unlimited data for 10 days, with the first 5GB at high-speed 4G.
  • 100 Baht (approx. $3) of credit for calls and texts.
  • Comprehensive coverage throughout Thailand.

my by CAT

my by CAT is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides prepaid SIM cards for travelers in Thailand. Their “Travel SIM” card offers:

  • Unlimited data for 8 days, with the first 2.5GB at high-speed 4G.
  • 50 Baht (approx. $1.50) of credit for calls and texts.
  • Nationwide coverage in Thailand.

Purchasing and Activating Your Thai Prepaid SIM Card

Upon arrival in Thailand, you can purchase a prepaid SIM card at the airport or from authorized retailers such as 7-Eleven, Family Mart, or mobile network operator shops.

To activate your SIM card, you’ll need to provide your passport as identification. Once activated, you can top up your credit and purchase additional data packages as needed.

prepaid sim cards thailand international sim cards

Other Local Thai SIM Card Providers

There are more SIM card options available for travelers, including both international and local providers. Here are a few additional options for prepaid SIM cards that you may consider when traveling in Thailand:

Penguin SIM by AIS

Penguin SIM is a sub-brand of AIS specifically designed for tourists. They offer prepaid SIM cards that provide various data, voice, and text allowances.

Plans may include unlimited data, with a certain amount at high-speed 4G, and credit for calls and texts.

Penguin SIM cards can be purchased at major airports and authorized retailers in Thailand.

Truemove H - Tourist Inter SIM

In addition to their Traveler SIM, Truemove H also offers the Tourist Inter SIM, which provides international calling options for travelers.

This SIM card includes a certain amount of high-speed 4G data, local and international call minutes, and coverage throughout Thailand.


TOT is a state-owned telecommunications company in Thailand that provides 3G services. They offer prepaid SIM cards with various data, voice, and text allowances tailored for tourists.

TOT3G SIM cards can be purchased at their retail stores and authorized dealers across Thailand.

International SIM cards

Some international SIM card providers also offer coverage in Thailand. These SIM cards may be a convenient option if you plan to visit multiple countries during your trip.

Some popular international SIM card providers with coverage in Thailand include OneSimCard, WorldSIM, and TravelSim.

prepaid sim cards thailand esim as alternative for thailand

eSIMs for Thailand: A Flexible Alternative

An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a digital SIM card that is built into your device, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card.

This technology allows you to easily switch between carriers and plans without physically swapping SIM cards. Some newer smartphones, like the iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S21, are compatible with eSIMs.

Several Thai carriers offer eSIM options, including AIS & TrueMove H. These carriers provide a range of plans for eSIMs, similar to their traditional prepaid SIM card offerings.

Benefits of using eSIMs for travelers:

  • Greater flexibility: Switch between carriers and plans without physically swapping SIM cards.
  • No need to carry multiple SIM cards: eSIMs can store multiple profiles, allowing you to switch between carriers with ease.
  • Faster setup: eSIM activation is often quicker than activating a physical SIM card.
prepaid sim cards thailand why use local sim cards

Why Choose a Local SIM Card Over Roaming?

Using a local SIM card in Thailand offers several advantages over relying on your home carrier’s roaming services.

Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing a local prepaid SIM card instead of using roaming when visiting Thailand:

Cost Savings

The most significant benefit of using a local SIM card is the potential for substantial cost savings. Roaming charges can quickly add up, especially when using data services.

Local SIM cards offer more affordable rates for voice, text, and data usage, helping you avoid costly phone bills after your trip.

Better Network Coverage

When using a local SIM card, you connect directly to a Thai mobile network, which often results in better network coverage.

Local carriers typically have more extensive infrastructure within Thailand, ensuring a more reliable connection essential when navigating unfamiliar places or staying connected with friends and family.

No Bill Shock

Prepaid SIM cards operate on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning you only pay for the services you need and use.

This eliminates the risk of bill shock or unexpected charges when you return home from your trip.

Customizable Plans

Local SIM card providers offer a variety of plans tailored to the needs of international visitors. These plans often include options for data allowances, international calling, and texting.

You can choose a plan that suits your communication needs and budget, ensuring that you only pay for the services you require.

Local Phone Number

When using a local SIM card, you are assigned a local phone number.

This can make it more convenient and cost-effective for you to make and receive calls within Thailand, as well as for friends, family, or colleagues to contact you without incurring international calling fees.

Easier Access to Local Services

With a local phone number, it becomes easier to access local services such as taxis, restaurants, and hotels.

Many service providers prefer to communicate with customers who have a local phone number, and some even require it for reservations and bookings.

Independence from Home Carrier

Using a local SIM card means you are not dependent on your home carrier’s roaming agreements and rates. This gives you more control over your mobile usage and costs during your trip.

Prepaid SIM cards offer a convenient way for international visitors to stay connected while exploring Thailand.

With a variety of plans from providers such as AIS, dtac, TrueMove H, and my by CAT, there are options to suit every traveler’s needs.

By using a local prepaid SIM card during your trip to Thailand, you can enjoy a more convenient and worry-free mobile experience while staying connected with your loved ones and exploring this beautiful country.

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