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Change SIM PIN Code on Android

Change SIM PIN Code? You have a new mobile phone contract or have been sent a new SIM card / eSIM? No matter whether you get a new number or keep your old number. With the SIM card you automatically get a new PIN.

How to change or even disable the SIM PIN, we explain for Android smartphones and tablets in the following:

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Change SIM PIN or switch off SIM PIN?

The SIM PIN is the password and access to your smartphone with contract. Only by entering the SIM card PIN you can use and activate your mobile phone contract or prepaid card.

The PIN with the phone number used for years has been stored in your head. If you forget the SIM PIN of your mobile phone card or enter the SIM card PIN three times incorrectly, you must enter the PUK. If you enter the PUK incorrectly three times, your SIM card will be automatically blocked by the provider.

To unblock or unlock your mobile phone card or SIM card, you must call the respective mobile phone provider so that they can reactivate and unlock your SIM card. It is also possible that a new card will be sent to you.

How to change your PIN Code

You want to keep the SIM PIN you have used over the years and change the PIN for your new number accordingly? The procedure is similar for most Android smartphones.

To change the PIN, proceed as follows on an Android smartphone:

  1. Tap > Settings
  2. Select > Security and Privacy
  3. Scroll down to > Additional settings
  4. Tap > Encryptions and credentials
  5. At the top, you will see the tab > Set up SIM 1 lock
  6. Select Change PIN1 of SIM card
  7. Enter your desired PIN and save it accordingly


Change PIN on a Xiaomi smartphone:

  1. Go to the > Settings of your Xiaomi smartphone
  2. Navigate to > Passwords and Security
  3. Tap on > Security
  4. There, select your > “Mobile provider”
  5. Then you can enter your desired PIN under > Change PIN for SIM card.

Turn off Android SIM PIN

To turn off the SIM PIN, do the following:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Select Security and Privacy
  3. Scroll down to Additional settings
  4. Tap on Encryptions and Credentials
  5. At the top, you will see the tab Set up SIM 1 lock
  6. Slide the slider at Lock SIM card to the left

Attention: Know the current PIN of your smartphone to change the PIN!

The PIN of the SIM card can only be changed with the current four-digit numerical code. If you have forgotten the current PIN, you can not change the SIM PIN. Your PUK code, which was sent to you with the contract documents or is stored in the customer area of your mobile provider, will help you here.

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