๐Ÿ‘‹ About Us

eSIMradar guides you through the whole eSIM buying process. As a reliable eSIM comparison platform, we provide you with all the information necessary. This helps you to find your way around the variety of eSIM data plans offered for travelers and the cheapest offers available for your specific needs.

We want to make your online purchase as convenient and easy as possible. Because we know that this is the only way to make traveling fun!

Keep track of the Travel eSIMs offered

When buying a travel eSIM online, there are many things to consider โ€“ but what exactly? How much data is included? Does it come with a phone number? And how much do you actually pay per GB offered?

In the compact eSIM comparison tables on eSIMradar, you will find the answers! You get the knowledge in a compact and easy to understand form. You will get to know all the facts, are well informed and can start the eSIM experience.

At eSIMradar, we vet the eSIM providers, test the eSIMs and provide you with the option to leave uncensored customer reviews.

How does eSIMradar compare the eSIMs?

We are committed to helping travelers to find the right eSIM. We research for you and make it easier for you to make a purchase decision. Here you can find out the principles we use to provide our services.


Every month, many new eSIM data plans are being released on the market. We carefully check the market and update the information available, so you donโ€™t have to!

Careful research

At eSIMradar, we see ourselves as your travel guide, as we compare the ratings of experts and consumers. We can give you an objective picture of how an eSIM performs. The vividly prepared comparisons allow you to keep track of the eSIM data plans for travelers offered. With eSIMradar, you can not only save money but also valuable time in your research.

eSIM Ranking

eSIMradar allows you to quickly compare different eSIMs in a table. You can sort and filter it depending on your needs. We take no influence on the ranking of the products. The top recommended eSIMs on top of each product page solely represent the most popular eSIMs among you readers which gets updated in frequent intervals. We see ourselves solely as a platform for the aggregation of information.

Our ethical guideline

In order to offer you a trustworthy offer, we apply the highest standards to our work. In doing so, we pay particular attention to the principles of independence, transparency, and sustainable financing.


Our top priority is independence because we see ourselves primarily as a platform for travelers. Therefore, it is not possible that a mobile provider or eSIM reseller of a travel eSIM will ever directly influence the ranking of the products in our eSIM comparison tables. The same applies to the order of the offers.


We make no secret of our comparison process and our financing because transparency is important to us. As a platform for eSIM comparisons and test reports, we build a bridge between travelers and eSIM providers. Our goal is to create transparency. This benefits both ends.


Like most eSIM comparison platforms, our website is primarily financed by commissions at no extra costs for you. As mentioned previously, the ranking of the eSIMs is independent of the payments of individual partners.