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Airalo is the world’s first eSIM store that solves the pain of high roaming bills by giving you access to 190+ eSIMs (digital SIM cards) globally at affordable prices.

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Traveling to Europe? Stay connected with Orange – one of the best mobile networks in France!

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SimOptions is the biggest marketplace for international Prepaid SIM Cards & eSIMs. They give international travelers the freedom to save 100% of the roaming charges.

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Maya Mobile is your passport to 4G and 5G mobile data around the world, on all of your devices, with one eSIM plan.

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Mobimatter is a digital channel for telecom services, enabling consumers to find and buy the best eSIMs offers through their platform.

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Get Mobile Data with Textr eSIM. Quick and easy mobile internet access in 130+ destinations.

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New Three HK eSIMs with global coverage and DIY data – No contracts – Unlimited data from as low as US$1.5 per day!

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Keepgo provides free eSIMs with affordable rates on pay-as-you-go mobile internet services and balance valid forever.

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KnowRoaming eSIM for instant connectivity

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Data without borders at your fingertips. 130 travel destinations.

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Stork Mobile re-invents how you stay connected anywhere, all the time.

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At Holafly, you can buy international eSIMs for more than 130 destinations. You’ll connect to the internet just by scanning a QR code, and you’ll never have to pay roaming fees again.

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Roam the the world the way you want with Flexiroam

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Welcome to the ESIM revolution. Stay connected with instant data cellular connectivity.

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Numero eSIM – Have a Mobile eSIM Data Plan

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Global travel eSIM for easy data roaming

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eSIM Data packs at local rates for instant connectivity

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eSIM data plans for travelers, digital nomads and remote-working professionals.

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Welcome to Bouygues Telecom, one of France best network operators – Share your trip with your loved ones

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Get your eSIM – Stay connected wherever you are

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Download MOGO App, manage and topup your eSIMs anywhere, anytime

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The world’s best travel gadget. RedteaGO offers eSIM with global data packages in 100+ countries, with affordable local rates. Get connected anywhere, anytime.

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Get data, get local, get immersive Web3 experiences wherever you are. All in one blockchain-secured mobile app.

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Best prepaid eSIM data plans for travelers, digital nomads, and remote workers

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Instantly connect to Mint Mobile digitally with eSIM

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Unlimited everything. Unlike anything.

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Instabridge offers seamless, high-speed internet.
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Affordable mobile data for travelers with digital activation, avoiding roaming charges in over 200 countries

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An innovative eSIM provider offering instant activation and global data support for over 140 countries

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YohoMobile provides overseas data communication service that allows you to purchase and use eSIMs around the world.

Why You Should Use eSIMs


With an international prepaid eSIM, you don't need to worry about carrying multiple physical SIM cards or swapping them out when you travel to different countries. You can simply activate the eSIM on your device and have access to local cellular service wherever you go.


With a prepaid eSIM, you can choose the data and voice plan that best fits your needs, whether you need a lot of data for streaming or just a small amount for basic communication. You can also easily switch between different plans or add more data as needed, without the hassle of signing up for a long-term contract.


An international prepaid eSIM can often be more cost-effective than traditional roaming plans, especially if you travel frequently or need a lot of data. You can choose a plan that fits your specific needs and avoid paying for unnecessary features or services.

Ease of use

Activating and using an international prepaid eSIM is typically very easy and can often be done directly from your device without the need to visit a store or call a customer service representative.

How To Choose An eSIM Provider

coverage network reliability

Coverage & Network Reliability

When choosing a prepaid travel eSIM provider, it’s crucial to select one with comprehensive coverage in your destination countries. Look for providers with partnerships with multiple local carriers to maximize network reliability and connectivity. Research the provider’s coverage maps and user experiences in specific regions to ensure you have access to fast data speeds and strong signals during your travels.

Compatibility With Your Device

Not all smartphones or devices are compatible with eSIM technology. Before selecting a provider, verify that your device supports eSIM functionality and is compatible with the chosen provider’s eSIM. You may need to consult your device’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for compatibility information. Additionally, some devices may require carrier or software updates to enable eSIM features.
compatibility with your device
data voice text packages

Data, Voice, & Text Packages

Prepaid travel eSIM providers typically offer a range of plans tailored to different usage patterns. Compare the data allowances, voice minutes, and text messages included in each plan, and consider how they align with your communication needs while traveling. For example, if you plan to use video streaming services or upload large files, a plan with a more generous data allowance may be necessary.

Pricing & Hidden Fees

When assessing prepaid travel eSIM plans, be mindful of the total cost, including activation fees, data overage charges, and any hidden fees. Compare pricing across different providers to find the most competitive rates. Ensure the provider offers a transparent fee structure and clearly discloses all associated costs upfront, so there are no surprises during your trip.
pricing hidden fees
flexibility plan duration

Flexibility & Plan Duration

Travel plans can change unexpectedly, so it’s essential to choose an eSIM provider that offers flexible plans. This flexibility may include options to change or upgrade your plan mid-trip, pause or resume services, or extend the plan duration. Make sure the provider’s plan durations align with your travel schedule, as some providers may offer only fixed-duration plans that may not suit every traveler’s needs.

Customer Support

Reliable customer support is vital when traveling abroad. Research the eSIM provider’s customer support services, including their availability (24/7 or limited hours), response times, and support channels (e.g., phone, chat, or email). Look for providers with multilingual support if you’re traveling to countries where English is not widely spoken.
customer support
roaming agreements

Roaming Agreements

A prepaid travel eSIM provider’s roaming agreements with local carriers in your destination country directly impact your connectivity experience. Providers with extensive roaming agreements generally offer better service quality, faster data speeds, and fewer dead zones. Investigate these partnerships and consider providers with strong relationships with local carriers to ensure a seamless connectivity experience while traveling.

Activation Process & Ease of Use

The eSIM activation process should be simple and straightforward, with clear instructions on scanning the QR code, configuring your device settings, and managing your account. Look for providers with an intuitive activation process, user-friendly account management tools, and easy-to-understand usage tracking and balance information.
activation process ease of use
international calling rates

International Calling Rates

If you anticipate making international calls during your trip, research and compare the provider’s international calling rates to other providers. Some eSIM providers may offer discounted or bundled international calling options, while others may charge high per-minute rates. Ensure you understand the costs associated with international calling before choosing a provider to avoid unexpected expenses.

Online Reviews & Reputation

To gauge a prepaid travel eSIM provider’s overall reputation and customer satisfaction, read online reviews and testimonials from other users. Look for reviews on independent platforms, travel forums, and social media to gather diverse opinions and experiences. Consider the provider’s response to negative feedback and their efforts to address customer concerns when making your decision.

online reviews reputation

Customer Reviews


Rated 5 out of 5
June 17, 2023

Love Airalo . Use it once a week at least . Best around .

Avatar for Michael B
Michael B


Rated 4 out of 5
May 18, 2023

I have purchased the south Korea plan the eSIM works smoothly and the customer service is also good and I got an Issue and they sort it out fast and the product is good

Avatar for Anonymous

Keepgo / Sagittarius

Rated 5 out of 5
May 5, 2023

Using keepgo in Canada, easy to install with no network issues and saves on data usage.

Avatar for Stefanus

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find out if my smartphone supports eSIMs?

Most eSIM providers have an updated list on their website that indiciates which smartphones can be used with eSIMs. Make sure to read the product descriptions carefully.

Some providers make you confirm via a checkbox that you have a compatible smartphone. Find the list and check!

A definite must is that the smartphone has to be carrier-unlocked!

Can I make calls & send SMS with an eSIM?

Yes, you can do but not with all eSIMs! Filter the list above and make sure to select “Phone Number –> “Yes”. 

You will see a list of all eSIMs that do support phone calls & SMS.

How to activate an eSIM?

After purchase, you will receive a QR code that is used to install the eSIM on your smartphone. 

Scan the QR and you are ready to go!

Just make sure to double-check with the provider if the eSIM is instantly activated and will be automatically activated once your arrive at your destination.

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