eSIM Supported Phones

Embedded SIM, or eSIM for short, is a new SIM card format for smartphones and tablets. Find out what distinguishes the new SIM card from classic wireless cards and get an overview of all devices that are already equipped with the new technology.

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eSIM: What you need to know about the new SIM card format

Unlike the classic SIM cards, the new eSIM cards are fixed and integrated into the mobile devices ex works. The new format brings with it a number of advantages. For example, you no longer need to worry about getting a suitable SIM card for your smartphone or tablet. The cards are activated via an activation code that you can request from your mobile network provider.

List of eSIM Supported Phones

Which smartphones support eSIMs? See the full list below.

How To Order an eSIM

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Compare eSIMs

Compare and find the most suitable travel eSIM for your needs and purchase it directly with the provider.

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Receive eSIM via email/app

You will receive the eSIM profile within a few minutes in a separate e-mail or you can directly access it in the provider’s app.

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Install eSIM

Scan the eSIM QR code in the mail with the camera function of your smartphone and follow the instructions on the screen. The profile will be set up automatically.

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Free roaming abroad

You can now use the eSIM abroad! 

Search over 28000 eSIM data plans in 210+ countries

Why Choose an eSIM?

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The eSIM works digitally only, so fewer resources are used than with the classic SIM card.

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The new eSIM can easily be digitally uploaded to your smartphone. It’s quick and saves the environment.

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Fast Installation

Your eSIM profile is sent easily and conveniently by email. This means you will receive your digital eSIM much faster than a physical SIM Card by post.

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