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Choose the Perfect Prepaid eSIM Provider for Your Travel Needs

We’re dedicated to helping you navigate the complex landscape of international eSIM providers. On this page, you’ll find detailed coverage maps from several major eSIM companies, including Airalo, Maya Mobile, SimOptions, and many others.

Navigate through the maps below to explore the extent of each company’s coverage and the specifics of their prepaid eSIMs.

Understand which providers have the best reach in the areas you travel to most frequently or plan to visit.

How to Use Our Coverage Maps

Our interactive coverage maps are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Simply select your preferred eSIM provider from the list below, and their specific map will appear. The highlighted countries represent the areas where the provider offers eSIM service.

The map’s interactive feature allows you to click on any country to get more details, such as data plans available, pricing,ย and network speeds.

We're continuously expanding our coverage maps for various eSIM providers. Please note, not all maps are interactive yet.

Understanding eSIM Coverage

A provider’s coverage refers to the geographical areas where their eSIMs can connect to a cellular network. Factors such as local telecom infrastructure, international agreements, and regulations can influence the coverage.

The broader a provider’s coverage, the more countries you can use their eSIM in. So, whether you’re an occasional traveler or a frequent globetrotter, it’s essential to choose an eSIM provider that covers all the regions you plan to visit.

List of Prepaid eSIM Providers

Maya Mobile

Maya Mobile

Maya Mobile provides reliable eSIM services, specializing in American, Asian, and European markets.

Known for their versatile data plans and high-quality connection, Maya Mobile has become a preferred choice for many international travelers.



SimOptions caters to a global market, covering many countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

They offer a selection of cost-effective eSIM solutions that cater to the varying needs of international travelers.



Airalo offers a wide range of global eSIM services, with substantial coverage in over 190 countries and regions.

Their eSIM services are designed to be affordable, convenient, and high-speed, allowing you to connect wherever your travels may take you.

etravelsim logo


eTravelSIM has established its reputation as a reliable eSIM provider with a wide reach. Specializing in services for the intrepid traveler, they provide high-quality connectivity across a broad range of countries in all continents.

Their prepaid eSIMs are both affordable and convenient, promising reliable service wherever your journeys might take you.

globalesim logo 1


GlobaleSIM stands out as an eSIM provider with extensive global coverage. Their eSIMs are designed to provide cost-effective, high-speed connectivity in many countries across the globe.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, GlobaleSIM offers a variety of flexible plans to keep you connected during your travels.

airhub logo


AirHub is a trusted name in the eSIM industry, providing expansive coverage across major regions worldwide. Their eSIM services are renowned for affordability and seamless connectivity, ensuring that your travels are always connected.

AirHub’s commitment to quality service makes it a popular choice among travelers.

bnesim logo


BNESIM is an international eSIM provider known for its robust coverage across the globe. Offering reliable and high-quality connectivity in many countries, their services are designed with the global traveler in mind.

BNESIM’s prepaid eSIM solutions are convenient and versatile, making them a popular choice among individuals who require seamless communication while abroad.

keepgo res


KeepGo provides eSIM services with a strong emphasis on continuous, high-speed connectivity across various regions. Their prepaid eSIM solutions offer extensive coverage, ensuring you stay connected wherever your travels may lead.

Known for their user-friendly approach and reliable service, KeepGo is a preferred choice for travelers seeking consistent, global connectivity.



TextreSIM is a global eSIM provider, offering comprehensive coverage across multiple continents. Their prepaid eSIM solutions are designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, helping you stay connected without the hassle of physical SIM cards.

TextreSIM’s commitment to providing quality connection and wide coverage has earned them the trust of travelers worldwide.

nomad logo black


Nomad has carved out a significant space for itself in the eSIM world, with extensive coverage spanning numerous countries. Designed specifically for the modern nomad, their prepaid eSIMs ensure that reliable, high-speed connectivity is never far away.

With their flexible and cost-effective data plans, GetNomad makes staying connected during your travels a hassle-free experience.

Stay Connected, Wherever You Are

With our comprehensive coverage maps, you’re now equipped to select the perfect eSIM provider that matches your global travel needs. Explore, compare, and stay connected with the world, one eSIM at a time.

Remember, while our maps are regularly updated, it’s always a good practice to double-check with your chosen provider before you travel, as coverage can change.

For more information on using eSIMs, do visit our detailed blog. Safe travels and happy connecting!

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