SIM Card at Bangkok Airport

Are you planning a trip to the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand? In today’s digital age, staying connected during your travels is more than a luxury; it’s a necessity.

This in-depth guide aims to provide you with all the information you need about SIM cards at Bangkok Airport. From pre-arrival tips, SIM card plans, available providers, to currency exchange options, and more, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s ensure your Thailand adventure is as smooth and connected as possible.


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Pre-Arrival Tips

Before you touch down in the bustling city of Bangkok, it’s essential to ensure that your phone is unlocked. This will allow you to use a Thai prepaid SIM card. Generally, phones purchased in Europe, Australia, or Asia are unlocked, while phones from the USA tend to be often locked.

If you’re unsure, it’s best to contact your mobile internet provider from home. This step is crucial as it can save you from potential connectivity issues once you arrive in Thailand.

SIM Card Plans

Bangkok Airport offers a plethora of SIM card plans. These plans cater to a variety of needs, offering a range of data allowances and calling credits.

For instance, AIS, one of the leading mobile internet operators in Thailand, offers a plan with 15 GB data at max speed, free social media, and 100 THB calling credit for 8 days at 299 THB (approximately $8.7 USD).

This diversity in plans allows you to choose one that best suits your data and calling needs during your stay in Bangkok.

Available Providers

Thailand boasts three main mobile internet operators: AIS, True Move, and DTAC. All of them offer 5G and have stores at Bangkok Airport.

However, it’s recommended to opt for an AIS SIM card for Bangkok due to its clarity about the prepaid SIM card deals they offer. This transparency can help you make an informed decision and avoid any hidden costs or surprises.

Buying SIM Card at the Airport

Purchasing a SIM card at Bangkok Airport is the most convenient way to get connected when you arrive in Thailand. You will find them almost anywhere before the baggage pickup and afterwards. You’ll find SIM card shops from the mobile internet operators in the airport that are happily selling SIM cards for tourists.

These stores are open 24 hours, but many of them only accept cash. So, it’s advisable to carry some cash with you for this purpose.

Currency Exchange Options

Bangkok Airport offers several ATMs and currency exchange options. However, be aware that all ATMs in Thailand charge a 220 THB fee for withdrawing money.

If you prefer to pay for your Thailand SIM card by card, you have to wait until you are in the arrival hall where phone shops accept credit card payments. This can help you plan your finances and avoid any unnecessary fees.

eSIM as an Alternative

If you’re planning a short trip to Bangkok and don’t want to go through the hassle of switching SIM cards, eSIM cards are a convenient option. They are also the easiest and fastest way to get connected.

For more detailed information, check out the table below for finding the best e-sim cards for traveling to Thailand.

Post-Purchase Tips

Once you’ve purchased your SIM card, you’ll need to show any form of photo ID, like your passport, for registration. Your new Thailand SIM card will be registered on your passport number and name, and a copy will be taken in the store.

This process is a standard procedure to ensure the proper use of SIM cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a SIM card for Thailand online?

Yes, you can easily buy SIM cards for Thailand on the internet. These SIM cards are either international SIM cards that will be shipped to your home address before your Bangkok trip or e-SIM cards that operate through a third party.

What is the best 4G/5G network in Thailand?

If you’re just visiting Bangkok, then it doesn’t matter which mobile internet provider you choose. All tourist SIM cards will work excellently in Bangkok. Thailand is one of the better-connected countries in the world, and there is almost everywhere 5G in Thailand, countrywide!

Can I use my home country's roaming plans in Thailand?

While you can use your home country’s roaming plans, they often operate abroad with reduced internet speed. Since there is 5G everywhere in Thailand, it would be frustrating if you are still using a 3G signal.

Do not forget about the extremtly high roaming costs that occur if you are roaming!

It is recommened to use a local SIM or eSIM card or at least a dedicated international travel eSIM!


Final Thought

Staying connected while traveling in Bangkok is made easy with the availability of various SIM card options at Bangkok Airport.

Whether you opt for a local prepaid SIM card or an eSIM card, you can enjoy high-speed internet and stay connected with your loved ones.

Remember to check your phone’s compatibility and unlock status before your trip, and you’ll be all set for a seamless travel experience in Bangkok!

How To Order an eSIM

esim purchase

Compare eSIMs

Compare and find the most suitable travel eSIM for your needs and purchase it directly with the provider.

esim delivery

Receive eSIM via email/app

You will receive the eSIM profile within a few minutes in a separate e-mail or you can directly access it in the provider’s app.

esim setting

Install eSIM

Scan the eSIM QR code in the mail with the camera function of your smartphone and follow the instructions on the screen. The profile will be set up automatically.

esim success

Free roaming abroad

You can now use the eSIM abroad! 

Search over 28000 eSIM data plans in 210+ countries

Why Choose an eSIM?

esim environment friendly


The eSIM works digitally only, so fewer resources are used than with the classic SIM card.

esim digital


The new eSIM can easily be digitally uploaded to your smartphone. It’s quick and saves the environment.

esim fast delivery email

Fast Installation

Your eSIM profile is sent easily and conveniently by email. This means you will receive your digital eSIM much faster than a physical SIM Card by post.

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