iPhone Not Sending as iMessage

iMessage, Apple’s proprietary messaging service, has revolutionized the way we communicate, offering a seamless experience across all Apple devices. Its rich features, from end-to-end encryption to animated effects, make it a preferred choice for many.

However, when iMessages don’t get delivered or appear differently than expected, it can disrupt our daily communications.

This guide aims to address these issues, ensuring that you can make the most of iMessage without any hitches.

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How To Fix iPhone Not Sending iMessages

Issues with Messages After Setting Up a New Device

Setting up a new device is exciting, but it can sometimes lead to unexpected issues with iMessage. For instance, your conversations might split into separate threads, or messages might appear green instead of the familiar blue.

  • Update Your Device: Apple frequently releases updates to fix known issues. Ensure you’re running the latest version of iOS or iPadOS to benefit from these fixes.
  • Check Cellular Settings: Sometimes, a deactivated phone line can interfere with iMessage. Navigate to Cellular settings and ensure your phone line is active.
  • Toggle iMessage: A classic troubleshooting step – turning iMessage off and then back on can refresh the service and resolve minor glitches.
  • Send & Receive Settings: It’s crucial to ensure that your phone number and Apple ID are correctly configured in the “Send & Receive” settings. This ensures that you can both send and receive iMessages from your desired contact points.

Red Exclamation Point Alert

A “Not Delivered” alert can be alarming, especially if the message is crucial.


  • Network Connection: A stable internet connection is paramount for iMessage. If you’re unsure about your connection, try browsing a website in Safari. If web pages load without issues, your connection is likely fine.
  • Retry Sending: Sometimes, a temporary glitch might prevent message delivery. Tap on the problematic message and select ‘Try Again.’
  • Send as Text: If iMessage repeatedly fails, you can opt to send the message as a regular SMS. This can be especially useful if the recipient is in an area with poor internet connectivity.

Green Message Bubble Instead of Blue

A green bubble indicates that your message was sent as a regular SMS/MMS rather than an iMessage. While this isn’t inherently a problem, it can be unexpected.

  • Recipient’s Device: iMessage is exclusive to Apple devices. If the recipient is using a non-Apple device, the message will default to SMS/MMS.
  • iMessage Activation: Both the sender and recipient need to have iMessage activated. It’s worth checking with the recipient if they’ve recently deactivated the service.
  • Temporary Unavailability: On rare occasions, iMessage servers might face downtime. If you suspect this, you can check Apple’s System Status page for any reported outages.

Receiving Messages on One Device but Not the Other

One of iMessage’s strengths is its seamless integration across devices. However, sometimes messages might appear on one device but not another.


  • Check Settings: Ensure that both your Apple ID and phone number are selected in the “Send & Receive” settings. This ensures that you can receive iMessages on all your devices.
  • Link iPhone Number: For a cohesive experience, link your iPhone number to your Apple ID. This ensures that messages sent to your number appear on all devices associated with your Apple ID.
  • Text Message Forwarding: This feature allows you to receive regular SMS/MMS on devices other than your iPhone, like your iPad or Mac. Ensure it’s set up correctly.

Issues with Group Messages

Group messaging is a fantastic way to communicate with multiple people simultaneously. However, it can sometimes present challenges.


  • Check Group Members: If even one member of the group doesn’t have iMessage activated, the entire group chat will default to MMS. Ensure all members are using iMessage.
  • Start a New Group: If an existing group chat faces issues, it might be simpler to start a new group chat with the same members.
  • Left the Conversation: iMessage allows users to leave group chats. If you find you’re not receiving messages from a group, ensure you haven’t accidentally left the conversation.

Other Common Solutions

Sometimes, the solution lies outside of the iMessage settings.


  • Check iMessage Server: While rare, Apple’s iMessage server can sometimes face outages. Apple’s System Status page provides real-time updates on all its services.
  • Connection Issues: Without a stable internet connection, iMessage won’t work. If you’re facing connectivity issues, consider resetting your network settings or toggling Wi-Fi Assist.
  • Update iOS: An outdated iOS can sometimes be the culprit. Regularly updating your device ensures you have the latest bug fixes and features.
  • Time Zone Settings: Incorrect time zone settings can interfere with iMessage. Ensure your device is set to update its time zone automatically.

iMessage is a robust and feature-rich messaging platform, but like all technologies, it’s not immune to issues. By understanding potential problems and their solutions, you can ensure a smooth and efficient messaging experience.

If you’ve tried all the solutions and still face issues, consider reaching out to Apple’s support team or visiting an Apple Store for expert assistance.

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