5G on iPhone

With 5G-capable smartphones, you can surf the Internet at extremely fast data rates and stream your favorite series on the go. Apple has also had such devices in its portfolio for some time. We show you how you can switch on 5G on your iPhone in seconds – and what else you should know about the rocket-fast standard.

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Turn on 5G on iPhone

Want to know how to turn on and off 5G on your iPhone? Fortunately, it’s pretty quick. The best way is to simply follow our step-by-step guide:


  1. First, open your Apple phone’s settings.
  2. Go to the “Mobile network” section and select “Data options“.
  3. Under “Voice & Data” you can activate 5G or change other settings. We recommend the “5G Auto” function. If this is activated, your iPhone will automatically detect whether it can access the 5G network. If this is not the case, the device automatically switches to LTE. That saves you a lot of battery.

What you need to know about 5G on iPhone

If you navigate to “Mobile network” and then to “Data mode” in the settings, you can configure various other individual settings. For example, you can specify that 5G is automatically activated for certain system tasks and apps if this enables a faster Internet connection.

But be careful: The data volume is limited in almost all rates. So if you max out your mobile data too often, it may quickly evaporate into thin air.

If you are not sure whether your iPhone is currently accessing the 5G connectivity, you only have to take a look at the status bar. A 5G icon is displayed there if this is the case.

Which iPhone is 5G compatible?

Planning on buying a new iPhone that’s 5G capable? Fortunately, the range of Apple phones with Turbo standard is getting bigger and bigger.

In addition to the cutting-edge and affordable iPhone SE (2022), the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, including all variants (Mini, Pro, Pro Max), are also equipped with 5G connectivity. The iPhone 11 and all previous Apple models, on the other hand, are unfortunately not 5G-compatible.


Como pedir um eSIM

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Compare eSIMs

Compare e encontre o eSIM de viagem mais adequado para suas necessidades e adquira-o diretamente com o fornecedor.

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Receba o eSIM via e-mail/app

Você receberá o perfil eSIM dentro de alguns minutos em um e-mail separado ou poderá acessá-lo diretamente no aplicativo do provedor.

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Instalar o eSIM

Digitalize o código eSIM QR no correio com a função de câmera de seu smartphone e siga as instruções na tela. O perfil será configurado automaticamente.

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Roaming grátis no exterior

Agora você pode usar o eSIM no exterior! 

Pesquisar mais de 28000 planos de dados eSIM em mais de 210 países

Por que escolher um eSIM?

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O eSIM funciona apenas digitalmente, por isso são utilizados menos recursos do que com o cartão SIM clássico.

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O novo eSIM pode ser facilmente carregado digitalmente para seu smartphone. É rápido e salva o ambiente.

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Instalação rápida

Seu perfil eSIM é enviado de forma fácil e conveniente por e-mail. Isto significa que você receberá seu eSIM digital muito mais rápido do que um cartão SIM físico pelo correio.

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